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Nany is a dream come true for chef and entrepreneur Nadav Hagag, who has over 10 years of experience in the culinary industry. Chef Nadav chose the name Nany after his father passed away, combining his parents’ nicknames for each other, creating a name that will lead him.

Before he realized his dream and established this social business, Nadav worked in the finest restaurants and food companies. He started his way working in kitchens in south Israel, went on to work at the well-known restaurant “Rafael” run by chef Rafi Cohen in Tel Aviv, and also worked in the worldly renowned “Mul Yam” restaurant. Later on he started and run “Delicious” in Tel Aviv port’s farmers market. During his years of work Nadav continued his studies. He completed various confectionary courses in Sarkotery in Tel Aviv, and in Ecol’e Hotel in Paris.

Social Business employing mentally ill and pensioners
In 2015, using the extended knowledge he accumulated over the years, chef Nadav established the first Nany factory in Beer Sheba . Currently, the factory employs 8 mentally ill people with the support of Gvanim foundation, alongside pensioners who wanted to get back to the work market. Nany’s employees have become a big warm family who together creates quality food products, with a loving hand and maximum attention to the finer details.

Every product is developed with a lot of thought and awareness to a healthy life style. In 2015, chef Nadav won a competition of opening a deli in Beer Sheba with the support of the social business project- “Tor Hamidbar”, the industry association, Shemesh fund and Dualis Fund.

In addition Chef Nadav was selected among a group of entrepreneurs and completed successfully the PresenTense Israel accelerator. Nany’s products are created with a lot of love and allow everyone to be creative in the kitchen. They form a base of flavor and interest to every casserole, salad or sandwich.

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Cream of artichok...

grilled artichokes and pesto spread. Vegan Friendly. Cream of artichoke and pesto-185 gr.

Mustard and cann...

French Dijon mustard with pickled lemon. Vegan Friendly.

Roasted Pepper Cr...

Red peppers roasted on open fire, with fresh thyme and garlic.Vegan Friendly.

Chuma-185 gr.

Tripolithi Pepper Spread.Vegan Friendly.

Pesto-185 gr.

Freshly ground minced basil with garlic and cashews. Vegan Friendly.

Chimichori-185 gr.

A sour herb spread with refined sweetness.Vegan Friendly.

Artisok-Kmein 185...

Italian artichoke rich in natural flavors, grilled and served with truffle puree.Vegan Friendly.

Aioli Chipotle -1...

Aioli whipped cream plus smoked Spanish pepper.Vegan Friendly

Olive tapenade-18...

Black olive spread.Vegan Friendly.

Pickled lemon 185...

Pickled lemon with sea salt Fire was hand-made without cooking, coated with cilantro seeds and smoked paprika.

Dried tomatoes-18...

A sweet spread of lycopene cherry tomatoes dried in the heat of the sun.Vegan Friendly.